If you are considering or have decided to move to Puerto Rico, Elite Arrivals will be your trusted contact group, your single source of local knowledge, available to you and your family to answer questions and provide peace of mind.

We can coordinate every aspect of your relocation needs with insight, references and contacts specifically selected for you – hassle free. We will support you every step of the way, from initial contact and contracting with providers through fruition.

What is KEY for us? Transparency – we will not charge or receive a single commission or fee that you don’t know about and Peace of mind – we make the process for you and your family as easy, efficient and enjoyable as possible.

We make it simple -

  1. No hidden fees to you or undisclosed commissions from providers.
  2. Upfront engagement fee.
  3. Subsequent monthly retainers – negotiable by either party at any time.
  4. Every aspect of your relocation facilitated for you (finding a home, schools, lawyers, accountants, etc.)